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Rose Coloured Media is happy to provide you with the essentials – web design, web development, search engine optimization (SEO), photography, logo design, graphic design, and more!

Want to try your hand at design but need help with development? No problem. Send us some drafts and we can get started right away.

Recent Projects

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Rose Coloured Media wouldn’t exist without the extraordinary clients we’ve worked with, and we consider ourselves lucky to have every opportunity. Take a look at some of the amazing things we have been able to accomplish with a little help from our friends.

About Us

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Rose Coloured Media is an independent contractor of freelance web and graphic design in the GTA. We specialize in creating websites from scratch, to create a completely authentic web page design, but we’re more than savvy with the latest web design trends and frameworks.

As an independent contractor, we understand the lengths it takes to craft and perfect a product and how important it is to reflect those efforts into a personal or commercial brand. Whether you’re just starting out or picking up where you’ve left off, Rose Coloured Media will provide the services you need to make your website as unique as your small business. Talk to us about your design, development, or SEO needs today.

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